Backstage With The Bouncers – Episode 130


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas is in Philadelphia for Ring Of Honor Wrestling, and he’s taking the microphone with him! Referee Mike Crockett sets the table from home, but Brian takes the reigns and talks with his ROH tag team partner, the Beer City Bruiser (@bcbwinchester) about their current run – the opportunities they’ve gotten and the people they’ve worked with. Plus, they discuss the vibe in the ROH locker room, their wish for next April’s Madison Square Garden show and the Hall Of Famer who is their biggest supporter. After schmoozing with the Bruiser, Brian tracks down ROH stalwarts and past WPAN guests Todd Sinclair and Bobby Cruise as well – and look out for random Ring Of Honor wrestler run-ins! Also in this episode, let me tell you something about this Promo About Nothing, Bobby proposes a new format and WE HAVE A WINNER of last week’s Today vs. Yesterday argument!

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Today vs. Yesterday – Episode 129


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett have heard all the grumbling about today’s wrestling product. It’s really unavoidable. But is it really all that terrible, especially in comparison to the past? We are analyzing nine different facets of pro wrestling, contrasting the current landscape with the product we grew up with. Which era wins out in the end? Today or yesterday? We may just need your help on Twitter (@TheWPAN)! Plus, we promise we want to love this Promo About Nothing, more on Silas & The Bouncers vs. The Bullet Club, and reliving agonizing referee injuries!

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The WPAN AMA – Episode 128


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett solicited questions all week on social media and, in this episode, embark on the first-ever WPAN AMA – Ask Milonas (or Mike) Anything! Queries came in from all over about Milonas’ wrestling wish list, competition for WWE, favorite wrestling memories, the hazards of refereeing, Wine City Wailer origins, the Jim Duggan blender rumor (!), witnessing history, untrue rumors about us, the most cringeworthy TV wrestling moment and in the main event, we recast Seinfeld with professional wrestlers! A really fun show and thanks to the listeners for making it happen! Also this week, a Promo About Nothing without punctuation, feedback from our Ready To Rumble Review last week, Milonas gets nastisized, and the truth about pickle rubbing!

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