Running A Live Wrestling Show In 2019 – Episode 153


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett are about to participate in Milonas’ first venture as a promoter, AstroMania in Derry, New Hampshire this Saturday night, and in these final moments, we’re going to talk about everything that goes into running a pro wrestling event in 2019. How was his partnership with Todd Sople and Liberty States Wrestling forged, and what were the benefits when it came to the bottom line? How did they pull off such a great venue? What’s with the state athletic commission? Get a crash course on promoting (as well as find out what the ORIGINAL plan for The Bouncers was) as Brian recounts his journey to the big show this weekend at Pinkerton Academy. Plus, this Promo About Nothing is other-worldly, The Kingpin goes BALLISTIC on another wrestling podcast, and we say goodbye to Elwood “Big Woody” Apt.

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Favorite WrestleMania Moments – Episode 152


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett are getting ready for the biggest pro wrestling spectacle of the year, but enough about G1 Supercard from Madison Square Garden. This week, we’re recalling the moments that have been etched onto our brains from WWE’s signature event. They’ve been dubbed “WrestleMania moments” and we talk about that term, the emotion that makes a “moment”, and what happens when you try to manufacture one. Then we delve into some of our favorites – from Hogan, to Rock, to Austin, to Shawn, to Bret (kind of) and more! What’s your favorite Mania moment? Plus, we check in with Leo Connors, who hosts his own TV show where he’s talking the New England indies! Also in this episode, this Promo About Nothing is a mother-f*cker, the latest on Brian Milonas presents LSW’s AstroMania, and Crockett has a dirty shirt!

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The Interview With Ring Of Honor Ambassador Cary Silkin – Episode 151


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett are celebrating this week’s 17th Anniversary event for Ring Of Honor by sitting down with the former owner of the company, Cary Silkin (@rohcary)! We discuss with ROH’s Ambassador his fandom growing up and his affinity for Madison Square Garden, where the company runs for the first time on April 6th. He was actually at the first WrestleMania there, and he’s got a fun story of how he actually got into the building! How did Cary end up in Puerto Rico doing a wrestling magazine? You’ll find out. Of course, he goes into his history with Ring Of Honor – buying in, witnessing all the great moments and watching all the great stars, hanging out with legends like Bobby Heenan, Mick Foley and Bruno Sammartino, hanging with the not-so-legendary Bobby Cruise and Todd Sinclair, selling to Sinclair Broadcasting and so much more! Also in this episode, this Promo About Nothing is electric, our thoughts on Tommaso Ciampa’s setback, and Brian shares his big news with someone else first!

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Truckin’ Thru The Territories: Maple Leaf Wrestling (1984) – Episode 150


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett are watching a different regional wrestling television show every month ’til we see them all! “Truckin’ Thru The Territories” has been taking us through Canada, and now we’re in Toronto for Maple Leaf Wrestling from 1984! The Tunneys have willingly given in to the WWF by this point and this show is chock full of mid-80s WWF good(?)ness. Hear about the surprising Sal Bellomo, the dynamic Billy Red Lyons, the subdued Hulkster, the pre-revolution WWF Ladies Tag Team Champions, the bucking horse, the unintelligible Andre The Giant, the abbreviated Piper’s Pit, the singing of Russia The Beautiful and so much more! Plus, we check in on some of our peers from New England and what’s going on in their lives this peak wrestling season! Also this week, this Promo About Nothing falls flat on its face, a shout out to a friend having a rough time, and Slaughter’s at it again – more of Sarge’s Tall Tales!

Maple Leaf Wrestling from September 22, 1984:

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