Promotional Wars With Brian Fury & Sonny Goodspeed – Episode 173


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett have seen the Twitterverse hype. We’re on the verge of the next great wrestling war on television between WWE and AEW! So I guess it’s time to talk about it! Not only that, but we have our ears to the ground with independent wrestling and have seen back and forth battles between promotions at the local level then and now. Our guests this week have observed it, and been in the thick of it too – Chaotic Wrestling’s Brian Fury (@xbrianxfuryx) and the New England Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame’s Sonny Goodspeed! We review some of the tactics that unscrupulous promoters will use when “invading” enemy territory. Plus, we get into the local feud that caused some waves last week, we recall usurpers coming to town and challenging our home promotion, Sonny opening a school in his old trainer’s backyard, and a whole lot more! Also in this episode, a crushing Promo About Nothing, Milonas causes some real damage in ROH, and Sarge’s Tall Tales returns with another whopper!

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Favorite Enhancement Talent & Best and Worst Entrance Themes – Episode 172


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett have done so much podcasting that we’re sure you haven’t heard all of it. That’s why this week, we’re sharing some of our absolute best stuff from when we were doing two shows a week for BDA Radio. First, it’s our Favorite Enhancement Talent – yes, the “jobbers” as some call them. We grew up on those Saturday morning squashes, so this one holds a special place in our heart. Then, we break down the Best and Worst Entrance Themes in pro wrestling history! So much fun doing these segments back in the day – if you haven’t heard these gems, they’re new to you! Plus, an all-time CLASSIC Promo About Nothing, we got voicemail and Brian hopes “Romeo” Roma skips this one!

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Talking Wrestling Figures With Sean Burke – Episode 171

Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett grew up as wrestling fans, and wrestling fans love their toys. This week, we’re talking all about wrestling figures – NOT DOLLS, figures – and joining us is the man behind the @flexcollects Instagram account, the former Flex Rumblecrunch, our old pal Sean Burke! From the WWF LJNs, to the WWE Mattels, and everything in between, we’re sharing our memories of these awesome collectibles. Along the way, we’ll get into rubber weapons, moon bellies, vibrating action and a ton more! Plus, we follow up on everything regarding last week’s smash hit tribute song to ring announcer Bobby Cruise! Also, a dandy of a Promo About Nothing, a panty raid, and a WWE NXT star puts Milonas on blast!

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