The Interview With Indie Standout Christian Casanova – Episode 177


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas is anywhere but here, so referee Mike Crockett and Brian Fury (@xbrianxfuryx) do the damn thing and sit down at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy with one of its standout students – “Top Talent” in Chaotic Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, Limitless Wrestling and more – Christian Casanova (@Kill4nova)! We chat with the former “Thriller Of New England” about the Michael Jackson gimmick he started with and why it took him so long to shed it, how Crockett’s amazing idea for Christian went south, repping that Killanova Culture, working with REY MYSTERIO, getting spots on ROH and EVOLVE shows in the span of a week, and so much more! Plus, this Promo About Nothing leaves a bad impression, Ivar has a cold one, and guess who’s gonna show up on pay-per-view before showing up to do a podcast?

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Tarzan Hates King Of The Ring 1995 – Episode 176


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas doesn’t show up anymore, so it’s referee Mike Crockett and Brian Fury (@xbrianxfuryx) being joined by our oldest pal, one of the hosts of the podcast “Truth, Justice & The New England Pro Wrestling Way” (@prowrestlingway) Matt “Tarzan Taylor” Spectro! It’s been over a year since we’ve reviewed a pay-per-view with Tarzan, and with the King Of The Ring being revived in 2019, we figure why not take a peek back at one of the most reviled KOTR shows from 1995! We get more Savio Vega then anybody could ever handle, a heaping helping of Hendrix, just enough Mr. Backlund, Mabel as a luchador, a vomiting King Lawler and a main event that makes us want to puke! Also this week, this Promo About Nothing eats your ass, Brian & Matt’s poor mid-90s fashion choices, and will Milonas EVER be back?

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Biggest Holy S#!t Moments With Brian Fury & The Ray – Episode 175


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas is again missing in action, so referee Mike Crockett is joined by permanent guest host Brian Fury (@xbrianxfuryx), owner of Chaotic Wrestling, and we welcome special first-time guest The Ray from the For The Pops podcast (sometimes) to the show! After we introduce our long time friend and get the pleasantries out of the way, we tackle a fun topic – the biggest HOLY S#!T moments in wrestling history! Does one come immediately to mind? We think we know which one, so we toss that moment off the Cell in the first couple minutes. We dig deep for some of these. From WWF to TNA, from the 80s to the 2000s – what’s an obscure moment that made YOU say HOLY BLEEP? Plus, don’t go messin’ with this Promo About Nothing, Ray likes tits, and BrawlDaddy is a top guy!

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