Wrestling’s Best & Worst Costume Changes – Episode 183


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas, Chaotic Wrestling’s “Firebrand” Brian Fury and referee Mike Crockett are celebrating Halloween by talking about the super good and SCARY bad costume changes in wrestling’s history – in other words, the business’ best and worst gimmick changes! For example, Hunter Hearst Helmsley’s transition to Triple H could be categorized as one of the best – but what do Mike and the two Brians have on their lists? There’s talk of the Brothers of Destruction, one of the Brothers Hardy, a Jive Soul Bro and so many more! What’s your favorite or least favorite change of gimmick? Plus, this Promo About Nothing isn’t magnificent, Milonas hates talking on his phone, and Fury disappears!

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Ask The Brians Anything – Episode 182


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas, Chaotic Wrestling’s “Firebrand” Brian Fury and referee Mike Crockett are all back together again and put the show in YOUR hands! It’s our second annual AMA, or more accurately, ABA – Ask The Brians Anything! Subjects include: Selling merch as a heel, strengths and weaknesses of pro wrestling today, favorite New England wrestling venues, beer, undies, receipts, more beer, pizza, running regular wrestling shows in New Hampshire, refs who sell, favorite and least favorite opponents, getting wood, not getting booked, blow-up dolls, the challenges of being a big man, pieces of lard, retirement matches, training success stories, career regrets and so much more! Plus, Dean Malenko hates Milonas! A current WWE NXT Superstar checks in! Crockett LOSES HIS SHIT – literally! And three participants in this ABA get FREE T-SHIRTS and SIGNED PHOTOS from The Brawler! Also this week, this Promo About Nothing doesn’t Sting, everyone’s going to Disney World, and BrawlDaddy is talking sports!

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A Day In The Life Of A WWE Extra & Weirdest Wrestling Venues – Episode 181


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett are long-time veterans of the podcasting mat wars. That’s why in this episode, we’re showcasing some killer content from the BDA Radio days that we’re betting you haven’t heard before. First, take a listen as we recall the Weirdest Venues we’ve ever seen independent wrestling performed in. Some LITERAL outlaw mudshow stuff. Then, we take you step by step through A Day In The Life Of A WWE Extra, back when they were herded in like cattle and treated like dirt. If you’re one of the many that missed the BDA bonus days, this is new to you! Plus, a CLASSIC Promo About Nothing with guests Scotty Slade and Julian Starr, the two Brians may or may not have things to be off celebrating, and stay tuned ’til the end for info on how YOU can participate in next week’s WPAN!

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The Nitro Years: The Good, The Bad & The Nothing PLUS MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT – Episode 180


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas’ situation is addressed this week, and referee Mike Crockett and Brian Fury (@xbrianxfuryx) have a MAJOR, MONUMENTAL, EARTH-SHATTERING ANNOUNCEMENT! You gotta hear this to believe it. Once that is over with, in the aftermath or wrestling returning to TNT (and we give our initial thoughts on All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite), we look back at WCW Monday Nitro – The Good, The Bad & The Nothing! From the big things like the New World Order and Sting, to the obscure crap like the fake Tonight Show and bizzaro Hulk Hogan, we talk about stuff we loved, stuff we hated, and stuff that just didn’t amount to anything when it comes to World Championship Wrestling in the mid to late 90s! Plus, this Promo About Nothing is not Dragon, we get side-tracked by Jimmy Dean sausage, and Kizarny gets called out (WHAT?)!

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