Running A Live Wrestling Show In 2019 – Episode 153


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett are about to participate in Milonas’ first venture as a promoter, AstroMania in Derry, New Hampshire this Saturday night, and in these final moments, we’re going to talk about everything that goes into running a pro wrestling event in 2019. How was his partnership with Todd Sople and Liberty States Wrestling forged, and what were the benefits when it came to the bottom line? How did they pull off such a great venue? What’s with the state athletic commission? Get a crash course on promoting (as well as find out what the ORIGINAL plan for The Bouncers was) as Brian recounts his journey to the big show this weekend at Pinkerton Academy. Plus, this Promo About Nothing is other-worldly, The Kingpin goes BALLISTIC on another wrestling podcast, and we say goodbye to Elwood “Big Woody” Apt.

Promo About Nothing:

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