Breaking Down The Kingpin’s ROH Match – BDA Episode 027


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett have put off the Twitter poll (@TheWPAN) this week for a very special reason! Brian’s most recent match for Ring Of Honor Wrestling aired over the weekend, so we are taking an exclusive inside look at how it all went down! How did the match with Beer City Bruiser come together? How did Bruiser feel about another big guy in his midst? How the hell did Milonas deliver that fall-away slam? Plus, the superplex heard ’round the world, what’s our pal’s future in ROH and a whole lot more. Watch ROH TV episode 305 on FiteTV or to get the full picture. Also on BDA Radio, more deserving never-were-World-champs in Merv Griffin Time, the Heel Laugh, ha-ha, Hall Of, ha-ha, Fame, and following up on Brian’s Fenway Park wrestling match with Crockett as the referee!

Hall Of Fame Inductee:

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