Favorite Enhancement Talent – BDA Episode 028


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett poll the listeners of the podcast every week on Twitter (@TheWPAN), and as a result, this week we’re looking at our Favorite Enhancement Talent! You know, the guys you used to see on Saturday mornings getting pummelled by your favorite stars. Some of these lesser-known wrestlers have managed to find their way into our minds and hearts, and this podcast is our opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve. Also in this episode, it’s Merv Griffin Time as always, we got a new Heel Laugh Hall Of Famer, brothers and sisters, and BIG NEWS on Brian’s CONFRONTATION with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor of the UFC this past Sunday!

Hall Of Fame Inductee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkZawLh7AaM

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