The Interview With Antonio Thomas (Heart Throbs in WWE) – Episode 074


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett sit down this week with a guy we know as Antonio “The Promise” Thomas (@promisethomas), who is known to most as Antonio of the Heart Throbs in WWE! For years, we’ve heard rumors about the night of his whirlwind signing with the company, and Antonio is here to finally share the amazing full story with us. Plus, his early days in the New England indies, the origin of the Heartbreakers in OVW, their sudden call-up to the big time, his frustrations with the gimmick, how he felt about being let go, and the evolution of his new alter ego Thomas Santell! All that, plus we talk about his fantasy sports podcast called “I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco!” Also in this episode, a wise guy, eh? in the Promo About Nothing, Milonas likes kids movies and the WWF TV debut of Mike Crockett!

Promo About Nothing:

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