Grunts & Groans: A Wrestling Movie Review With Maine Event Podcast’s Jonny Fashion & Big Bad Harmon – Episode 082



Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett meet up this week with their podcasting dopplegangers Big Bad Harmon & Jonny Fashion of the Maine Event Podcast (@MaineEventPod)! When we were on their show, they forced us to sit through bad wrestling movies, so it’s time to return the favor. We’re discussing Grunt! The Wrestling Movie, made in 1985. This flick’s got everything – beheadings, breasts, bad accents, some Dicks, big people, little people, and the most AMAZING soundtrack you’ll ever hear. Plus, the incredible connection this film has to The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke! Join us for a raucous recap of one of the weirdest wrestling movies of all time! Also this week, a dizzying Promo About Nothing, Crockett finally figures out the rules and Milonas fights fatigue!

Promo About Nothing:

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