The Business Of “The Business” With For The Pops Podcast’s Jamie Jamitkowski – Episode 110


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett bring back their old boss, former Chaotic Wrestling owner and co-host of For The Pops Podcast Jamie Jamitkowski (@JamieJUCW) to talk about the health of the wrestling business in 2018. Why does Jamie site the movie “Little Giants” when discussing the phenomenal success of Cody & The Young Bucks’ venture known as All In? Where does Brian think the leverage lies when it comes to independent talent negotiating with WWE? Also, in-depth discussion of the impending FOX deal for WWE Smackdown, what Jamie did with his WWE stock, what happens with the brand split, RAW’s place in all this, the importance (or lack thereof) of pay-per-view going forward, Jamie’s bold prediction on the McMahons’ next move, The Kingpin’s bold prediction on WrestleMania’s future and a ton more in this fantastic conversation! Plus, an unpredictably predictable Promo About Nothing, and response from Mike Mills and others on last week’s controversial Smoky Mountain Wrestling review!

Promo About Nothing:

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