The GLOW Primer With Greetings From Allentown’s Peter Winson – Episode 115


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett dive into the world of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling by recapping season 1 of GLOW on Netflix, just a couple days after the new season is released. Helping us with this GLOW Primer is our next door neighbor, the host of the Greetings From Allentown podcast (@GFAllentownPod), Peter Winson! PW is not only a fan of the new series, but reviewed the pilot episode of the original GLOW series from 1985 on his show last week, so he’s got an insight that few do. Actually, that statement is true whether he watched that weird-ass TV show or not. Hear us talk about the origins of the series, Back To The Future, Marc Maron as Marc Maron, craft beer, 80s-style nudity, 80s-style moonsaults, Mad Men, Alex Riley boning, racism in wrestling then and now, Cousin Oliver, incest, Man On The Moon, and everything else you need to know before you start binging GLOW season 2! Plus, an intimidating Promo About Nothing, Kingpin’s vague thoughts on his match this weekend for Ring Of Honor Wrestling, and the era of MEGA MILONAS begins??

Promo About Nothing:

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