Worst Gimmicks Of The 80s With Booking The Territory’s Mike Mills – Episode 118


With pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas again away on wrestling business, referee Mike Crockett has recruited as co-host this week the guy behind Booking The Territory, the UNprofessional Wrestling Podcast (@BTT_Podcast), Mike Mills – and it’s the perfect topic for an old school wrestling fan like him. He’s salivating to run down the Worst Gimmicks of the 1980s with a list of WWF gimmicks a mile long – but don’t worry, we spread the love around. From African Dreams in the Northeast, to time traveling teams in the territories down South, this list has it all! What’s your pick for the most awful character of wrestling’s golden era? Also in this episode, a flocking great Promo About Nothing, Mike Mills weighs in on recent Ring Of Honor happenings, and you MUST hear the worst idea HE’S ever heard from his time in wrestling!

Promo About Nothing: https://youtu.be/tjVIjvL50iE?t=2m1s

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