The Red-Headed Stepchild Of The Entertainment Industry – Episode 121


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett take a look this week at pro wrestling’s place in the world. We all seem to have accepted that it’s not sport, but why is it still the most disrespected brand of entertainment? Why do people still ask if it’s fake? Why won’t people give a wrestling performance the same weight as they would a performance in a movie, play, or TV show? Why do those that claim to be fans of wrestling sometimes have just as negative a view as the outsiders? And can anything be done to improve wrestling’s profile? It’s a much different take on the Summer Of Negativity this time out, and we really want to get your thoughts on this one! Plus, maybe the Dingo ate your Promo About Nothing, the G1 Supercard sellout at Madison Square Garden, and The Kingpin’s gonna sit on more shit for your viewing pleasure!

Promo About Nothing:

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