The Interview With The Kingpin’s Trainer “Coach” Mike Hollow Featuring Jamie Jamitkowski – Episode 124


Pro wrestler “The Kingpin” Brian Milonas is hitting the highways and biways this Labor Day weekend, leaving referee Mike Crockett to run the show with a guest co-host, For The Pops and Let The Chaos Begin Podcasts’ own Jamie Jamitkowski (@ForThePops)! Ironically, Milonas booked this week’s guest – his trainer at the Chaotic Training Center, former head trainer for Killer Kowalski’s Institute of Professional Wrestling and ex-WWF employee “Coach” Mike Hollow – but we’re all friends here, so we can handle it without the big guy. In fact, both Mike and Jamie have great stories about the late Walter “Killer” Kowalski, including an interaction Walter had backstage at WWE with Ric Flair that will leave you in stitches! Mike and Jamie recount the split from Kowalski and the opening of Chaotic Wrestling’s school, the eventual reunion with Walter, and the students that have made the big time along the way. Plus, hear about Hollow’s humble beginnings with Titan Sports, which includes an infamous spot in 1988 where a WWE Hall Of Famer tumbled to the floor on his watch! Also this week, a Promo About Nothing full of pissants, we talk ALL IN for all of 30 seconds, and THE WORLD’S FIRST PODCAST SIMULCAST!

Promo About Nothing:

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