The Interview With Figures Toy Company’s Chris DePetrillo – Episode 184


Ring Of Honor Wrestling’s “The Brawler” Brian Milonas and referee Mike Crockett, the WPAN originals, are without Brian Fury this week and instead are talking wrestling figures with the Chief Marketing Officer of independent toy maker Figures Toy Company, Chris DePetrillo! FTC is the company behind Ring Of Honor’s action figure line, so I think you can connect the dots on why Milonas wanted to have him on. But really, Chris is a lifelong wrestling fan who has a great story of how he found his way into a job playing with toys. Figures Toy Company not only produces an ROH line, but works with independent talent and wrestling legends to get figures made of them as well! Chris takes us through the entire process, from signing a talent to a contract to product release. Plus, Brian begs to get a Brawler action figure, how they were able to do a figure of WCW’s KISS Demon, and the story of the Kevin Steen/Owens figure that sent Vince McMahon through the roof! Also in this episode, this Promo About Nothing is a car crash (literally, but not literally), Crockett designs podcast t-shirts (just not ours), and The Brawler is bilingual?

Promo About Nothing:

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